At Rocktype passionate people deliver solid scientific work and excellent customer service. We seek people with strong technical skills and dedication to join our team. 

Who should apply

We want to hear from geologists but also candidates with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, engineering or computer science.

Equally important to your specialisation is the way you work. We seek team members who insist on doing superb quality work, have a strong sense of collaboration and a commitment to clear communication. As a knowledge business we rely on excellence from every team member to deliver an outstanding product to our customers.

Rocktype as employer

At Rocktype, we feel strongly about giving great people the freedom to do their best work. Most Rocktype positions are distributed, meaning team members live and work where they want. We collaborate using cloud services and meet occasionally in nice places for dedicated work sessions. We want to work with the best people regardless of where they live. 

We are committed to remaining a lean company focussed on brilliant output and minimising waste. We track output and impact over office hours, meetings or plans written.

We value our links with key academic and industry partners. We seek team members who deliver strong scientific work that helps strengthen our partnerships.

Diversity and respect

We seek to find the best person for a given job, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, age, race, belief system, nationality, ethnic or national origins. We believe that the success of Rocktype is built on the talent of our staff and the culture we shape together.

Current opportunities