Our pricing is simple and transparent. Depending on the project size and complexity, we may add some days for reporting and project management but these are always quoted up-front. There are no hidden fees. 

Rocktype services price list

Sample collection £
Core store sample collection - Rocktype sample collection at the British Geological Survey. Includes day rate for one person, travel expense to BGS Keyworth, core store hire and return of samples and public data to BGS. 1200
BGS sample charge - BGS standard rate per sample of £10, rebilled at cost. 10
Sample preparation £
Polished resin puck - Bulk sample photography, resin puck preparation, surface polishing and carbon coating. Includes cutting of bulk rock; washing, drying and sieving of cuttings as needed. 40
Cuttings handpicking - Manual selection of cuttings of specified lithotypes before resin puck preparation. 40
Heavy mineral separation - Concentration of heavy mineral grains for QEMSCAN analysis. Includes rock crushing and LST (heavy liquid) separation. 40
Single grain picking - Manual selection and mounting on double sided tape of 200 grains, such as zircon, garnet or rutile. 100
QEMSCAN analysis £
QEMSCAN 50 - 50 µm scan of a 10 x 10 mm area. Low resolution scan providing modal mineralogy and porosity. A fast and precise alternative to optical point counting. Covers entire sample with up to 200K data points. Minimum project size of 20 samples. 100
QEMSCAN 10 - 10 µm scan of 10 x 10 mm area. Provides mineral maps, modal mineralogy, porosity for rock (or cuttings with surcharge), average grain size and average pore size (if porosity is calculated). Minimum project size of 6 samples. 250
QEMSCAN 4 - 4 µm scan of 4 x 4 mm area. Ideal for high quality textural data. Includes QEMSCAN images, modal mineralogy, porosity for rock (or cuttings, with surcharge), average grain size and average pore size (if porosity is calculated). Minimum project size of 6 samples. 250
QEMSCAN add-on services £
Pore/grain size distribution - Grain size histograms and data tables for mineral phases of interest or pore space. Grouped by depth, lithotype or individual cuttings. 20
Cuttings lithotyping - Determination of up to 5 lithotypes per sample and reporting of agreed rock properties per lithotype. 20
Individual cuttings reporting - Quantification of agreed rock properties per individual cutting in a sample. 20
Cuttings porosity - QEMSCAN measured and calculated per sample, lithotype or individual cuttings, as agreed. 40
Pore lining phases/mineral association - Quantification of pore lining phases - relative enrichment or depletion of mineral phases in association with pore space. 20
Heavy mineral grain counts - Additional reporting of heavy mineral data in grain count rather than area percent format. May include digital grain size sieving. 20
Coal quantification - Manual editing of low BSE phases (coal, organic material) that occur as large particles (not nanometer organic matter quantification). 20
Download PDF version of price list

Download PDF version of price list

Associated services

A range of bespoke consulting services are also available at a day rate of £1000, including custom mineral list development to meet project specific needs and further image generation or data analysis beyond Rocktype's standard offering.

  • Reservoir quality analysis – Assessment of reservoir quality controls including pore network characterisation, detrital and authigenic mineralogy interrogation, quantification of pore lining phases and paragenetic sequence.
  • Sediment provenance analysis – Assessment of sediment provenance and stratigraphic correlation based on  heavy mineral or framework grain analysis.
  • Client data integration – Integration of existing subsurface and geographical datasets including log calibration.
  • Report preparation – Collation of data and preparation of a PowerPoint report.
  • Presentation of results – Client site visit to present and discuss data, which can include interactive mining of project data.

Example project

In this example project we scan 60 cuttings samples at 50 μm to get mineralogy and perform lithotyping. We then select 10 samples to scan at 4 μm to get precise data for cuttings porosity. 

Service Units @ Cost £
Sample preparation 60 40 2400
QEMSCAN 50 60 100 6000
Lithotyping add-on 60 20 1200
QEMSCAN 4 10 250 2500
Cuttings porosity add-on 10 40 400
Pore-size distribution add-on 10 20 200
Reporting days 3 1000 3000
Project management days 1 1000 1000
Total cost 16700

Additional information

  • Project expenses, such as postage and travel to client site, are billed separately.
  • Sample preparation is not available as a stand-alone service without analysis.
  • Typical delivery time is 6 weeks but depends on project size and complexity. 
  • Rush delivery is available at a double rate.
  • All prices are in British pounds (GBP). 
  • VAT is added where applicable.

Contact us to discuss requirements and get a project quote.