The Rocktype Team

Rocktype was founded in 2013 by siblings Jenny and Henrik Omma. From there we grew a small but highly skilled team with a broad range of scientific background and industry experience.

Jenny Omma, Chief Geologist

Dr Jenny Omma, Chief Geologist

Jenny is a reservoir quality geologist with experience from BP, CASP and HM Research Associates. She has expertise in petroleum geology, sedimentology, diagenesis and sediment provenance analysis. She is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, with the Diagenesis Research Group and an honorary member of the London Geochronology Centre at UCL. At Rocktype Jenny heads the geological work programme.

Henrik Omma, Managing Director

Dr Henrik Omma, Managing Director

Henrik is an astrophysicist and information architect. He has a background in computational fluid dynamics, supercomputing and enterprise software. He is a co-founder of the Digital Freedom Foundation and was one of the original developers of the Ubuntu operating system at Canonical. At Rocktype Henrik heads numerical analysis and technology development.

Mar Cortés López, Lab Manager

Mar Cortés López, Lab Manager

Mar is a biochemist with experience from biomedical research, pathology and sales. She previously worked at Smith & Nephew and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. At Rocktype Mar is responsible for our Oxford-based sample preparation lab and sample archive. 

Aukje Benedictus, QEMSCAN Specialist

Aukje Benedictus, QEMSCAN Specialist

Aukje is a geologist with extensive experience of QEMSCAN automated mineralogy, having implemented the technology in a wide range of applications and industries over eight years with FEI Company and Intellection. At Rocktype Aukje leads our QEMSCAN development and application.


Neil Messenbird, Administration

Neil has a background in financial services in particular Service Delivery and Operational roles. More recently he has managed the selection, configuration and deployment of a range of online software solutions. Neil supports Rocktype in a number of operational areas ensuring the smooth running of our administration. 


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