About Rocktype

Rocktype provides quantitative data collection and analysis for the oil and gas industry and academia. We specialise in the use of QEMSCAN® automated petrography to characterise a wide range of lithologies and sample types. 

We value repeatable data collection, rigorous numerical analysis and transparent science. We work closely with top scientists in the field to ensure that our techniques are cutting edge and robust. 

Global experience

Rocktype global experience

We have experience from petroleum basins around the world: Alaska North Slope, Angola, Arctic Canada,  Arctic Russia, Asia Pacific and Australia, Azerbaijan, Barents Shelf, California, Columbia, Congo, Egypt, England, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Franz Joseph Land, Gulf of Mexico, Iraq, Irish Sea, Namibia, North Africa, North Sea, Tanzania, Oman and West of Shetland.

The Rocktype difference

Rocktype was founded to shake up geological consulting. We are a multi-disciplinary team, working to leverage recent automated mineralogy technology to radically change the way petrography is performed and delivered to the oil and gas industry. We take our scientific inspiration from partnerships with leading geological departments and our technical and operational inspiration from agile tech companies currently disrupting one market after another across the world.

We are fully focused on just one data acquisition technique - digital petrography using the FEI QEMSCAN platform. We conduct extensive R&D to extend the capabilities of the technology, working with FEI and leading academic departments. 

Our pricing is simple, transparent and highly competitive.

Automation and expertise

Unlike optical petrography, the QEMSCAN system automatically scans each sampling point gathering mineralogical data without the need for human interpretation. For a given sample, it generates a statistically robust data set from thousands to millions of data points, depending on the resolution and area. However, running a QEMSCAN system correctly requires a great depth of technical knowledge in order to understand the implications of the possible configurations. 

At Rocktype we ensure high quality results through a rigorous R&D program and quality assurance procedure. We perform every step of the QEMSCAN workflow in-house, from sample preparation to data interpretation, which enables us to both keep tight controls on quality and innovate rapidly. 

It is essential that sample preparation, for example, be performed to exacting standards in order to generate reliable X-ray spectra. In turn, the mineral library must be built based on a solid understanding of QEMSCAN hardware, mineralogy and industry requirements. Having all these steps delivered by a single team of experts enables us to chase down every opportunity for learning and implement improvements rapidly and continuously.