Rocktype specialises in high-volume automated mineralogy projects. With our QS Cuttings service we regularly scan thousands of samples per project, delivering high quality mineralogy and textural data. Together with supporting services like high resolution scans this provides powerful insights to support better decision-making.

QS Cuttings

QS Cuttings is our high volume scan service for drill cuttings, typically applied to full wells. An alternative to optical point counting or XRD, QS Cuttings provides a detailed understanding of the sample mineralogy which allows precise stratigraphic mapping and calibration of petrophysical log data.

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QS Rock

A fast and affordable QEMSCAN service for core plugs, core chips and outcrop samples that provides bulk mineralogy and porosity data, and can be used to calibrate petrophysical log data.



Coresticks captures QEMSCAN data along the length of the entire core section, which makes it suitable for full well or field coverage studies. It provides ground breaking data on heterogeneity and bedding characteristics.

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QS Mining

Our mining service provides high quality mineralogical information to help you evaluate reserves and improve efficiency through the lifetime of an asset, giving valuable insights into ore production and tailings management.

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QS High Res

A high resolution QEMSCAN  service for fine detail mineral grains. It’s ideal for textural studies and provides detailed mineral association data including pore shape, grain size distribution and pore-lining phases.

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SEM Nano

SEM Nano provides imaging in Secondary Electron (SE) and BackScattered Electrons (BSE). A great solution when micron-scale is too coarse and when information is required on pore space and clay mineral content.



Rocktype provides a range of consulting services to support clients in both the analysis of QEMSCAN and SEM data and its integration with other datasets.

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“The unique quality of the rich QEMSCAN mineralogy data are that it enhances value creation due to increased subsurface understanding within the fields of oil/gas, CCS, and the future exploration for deep sea minerals and subsurface hydrogen generation”

Brit Thyberg, CCO of GLEX AS