We apply our advanced automation and domain specific knowledge to a range of industries, including energy, mining and CCS. Deploy our precise rock analysis and interpretation for better commercial decision-making.

Oil and Gas

Use our quantitative data collection and analysis to drive your geological modelling and predictive capabilities for both exploration and production. QEMSCAN  powers subsurface workflows, including petrophysical modelling, basin modelling, reservoir quality assessment and sediment provenance. Development teams routinely use our data to generate precise stratigraphy for clastic, carbonate and shale.


QEMSCAN analysis provides valuable support for the entire mining process from prospecting through to production. It will give you actionable data for the assessment of potential ore deposits through to planning and scheduling production.  It also supports the processing of different ore grades right through to maximising the value from tailings management for improved commercial exploitation of available assets.


The storage of CO2 in saline aquifers, deep coal reserves or enhanced oil recovery as well as carbonisation (enhanced weathering and injection) is supported by our analytics.  QEMSCAN  can assess the suitability of minerals to bind CO2 and model the mineralisation process. This helps quantify a reservoir’s storage potential and inform industry and public reporting codes for subsequent sequestration operations.

“From CASP’s experience, data provided by Rocktype are accurate and consistent. We use QEMSCAN data to assist with evaluating causative links between sand composition and sediment provenance, diagenetic reactions and reservoir properties. Bespoke feldspar datasets have greatly assisted with our evaluation of sandstone reservoir reactivity that is relevant to carbon capture and storage projects”

Michael Flowerdew, Academic Geology Coordinator of CASP