We are proud to work closely with a number of highly respected industry partners. By working together we extend our analytical capabilities and ensure the quality of the scientific investigations.


FEI designs and manufactures a broad range of high-performance microscopy systems working at the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales. FEI’s QEMSCAN instruments lead the world in automated mineralogy and petrography and are increasing being used in the oil and gas sector. Rocktype is proud work with FEI as a key technology partner. Together we are further developing the technology and expanding its range of applications. 


HM Research Associates are the leading provider of heavy mineral provenance and stratigraphic services to the petroleum industry. The company has extensive experience of heavy mineral studies of clastic reservoir sequences throughout the stratigraphic record and in sedimentary basins around the world.

Mercian Geochem

Mercian Geochem is a specialist provider of high quality X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis services. They also provide sample preparation of whole-rock samples, including milling, clay separation and glycolation and heat treatments. 


The London Geochronology Centre at UCL has an international reputation for innovative methodological advances and fundamental discoveries, attracting a stream of international collaborators. The laboratory houses a Nu Noblesse Noble Gas mass spectrometer, a Patterson Instruments Helium Line (with Pfeiffer Quadrupole Mass Analyser) and three lasers: CO2, Infrared diode and a New Wave Ultraviolet laser. Rocktype works closely with the LGC team to advance the state of the art of Chronometry.


Well interpretation expertise from the most experienced interpreters on the Norwegian Continental Shelf


Knowledge and data management specialists and creator of the Whereoil platform, a powerful, web-based data integration solution.


Experts of supergrid technology drawing on expertise gained in an industry center of excellence